Quaker Park Tennis Club offers opportunities for members to improve their skills.  There are free clinics as well as more advanced clinics at a nominal fee. 

Beginners Instruction ( Tuesdays and Thursdays May to beginning of June

Beginner/Intermediate - Tuesdays starting in June

Saturday mornings Famous Players Clinic

Thursday morning clinic

Starting May 7, 2019, members may participate in a 90 minute free tennis lesson.  These lessons are aimed at improving both the strategic part of the game as well as some basic skills.

Immediately following the end of the Beginner Lessons offered in May and the first part of June, a 1 hour clinic is held Tuesday evenings from 6 - 7 pm at a nominal fee of $5.  No registration is required, simply show up and pay the fee.

A 2 hour clinic Saturday mornings is offered at a nominal fee of $5 per person.  No signup or commitment is required.  The clinic offers a combination of beginner and intermediate instruction and practice.

Point playing drills and intermediate instruction is available Thursday mornings from 8:30 to 10:00 am.  Cost is $10.  


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